Rearview mirror handsfree

Product summary:
The MHF98A is the perfect bluetooth handsfree car kit soultion. Blending seamlessly into your car. It is quick and easy to install. Wide angle mirror to let you diver more safety. The LCD Screen, Microphone , Loudspeaker and Operation button are all fully integrated and ideally located at face level and in the line of sight. The MHF98 has a great specification with the ability to link t oyour mobile phonebook. Showing the name of your contact in LCD screen. This allow you to scroll through your phonebook and make a call from the mirror without touch your mobile.

Product spec:

-  Bluetooth Compliance: Bluetooth version 2.1 specifications +EDR
-  Supported Bluetooth profiles : Supports headset and handsfree profiles OPP profiles
-  Operating Range:  Up to 10 meters
-  Frequency: 2402-2480MHz
-  Talk time:  15Hours
-  Stand-by time: 500Hours
-  Charging time: 3Hours
-  Battery type: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
Special features: 
                1,Phonebook storage capacity: max. 600 contacts
                2,Multi-languages of phonebook contac, support latin ISO8859-1
                4,Backlighted LCD screen display in the Mirror, to show call ID and make a call from the mirror without touch your mobile
                5, Wide angle mirror to let your drive more saftey
                6, Full Duplex
                7, Full DSP noise cancellation
                8, Digital volume control
                9,Last number redial
                10,Reject incoming call
                11,Full automatic reconnection
                12,Voice recognition dialing (if phone supports)
                13,USB software upgradeable

Product Origin: Shenzhen
Model Number: MHF98
Brand Name: smartflair

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Company Name: Smartflair
Contact Person:  cecily
Address:  Floor 8 Block B6  Industrial, ZhiYuan ChangZheng Village. Shenzhen City,China
Zip:  518132
Telephone: +86  130 6690 8606
Fax:  +86 61172101

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